ProCup Karting News: September, 2013


  ATLANTA, Georgia (September 12, 2013) Much has been happening behind the doors of ProCup Karting since the end of the 2013 Summer Season, but before we can dive into the new let’s take a look how the last season went. We had 33 drivers compete for the championships among the 5 classes available, with several of the divisions going down to the wire. 

   With 5 classes, we have 5 champions.  In the Junior Division, Elise Sappington dominated to take the GT2 championship. By winning the GT2 championship Elise receives 50% off her next entry into any of the ProCup Karting seasons. Caden Gaucher came in 2nd place with Miles Moeller finishing 3rd. In the Junior GT1 class Adam Skeoch ruled the track winning by 37.5pts over Cooper McCoy and Myles Rowe. Adam as a result of his championship will also receive 50% off his entry for the fall.  With the adults, the competition is always close with the action sometimes brewing over the top on track. In GT3 Andres Tostes won over Kristian Matz by a scant 11pts. Darius Fiallo was only an additional 4 points out of the championship. By putting the pieces together this season Andres takes home a 1.5hr entry to any Endurance Karting 1.5 hr event.  GT2 went to Michael Pieper who stayed consistent all year to beat Brad Allen and Phil Brass. Michael also received an entry to one of Endurance Karting’s 1.5 hr events. Finally, in GT1 Division presented by the Skip Barber Racing School, multiple challengers lined up to take on 4 time champion Dalibor Baltic. The summer season ended with seeing Bobby Keene atop the championship podium over Kelvin Xing and Kevin Mueller.  By winning his championship Bobby  won the Skip Barber Racing School, Intro to Racing single day program. We hope this program will be valuable to Bobby who has been looking at his racing options and which pathway to choose going forward.

    So what has happened since the season has ended? ProCup Karting ran a highly successful and well attended Ultimate Racing Kamp at Andretti’s, we are looking forward to watch many of those young faces hopefully make the choice to give racing a serious go, as we saw serious potential in several of the kampers. ProCup Karting’s owner Chris McCoy took over as owner of Endurance Karting, with this addition to the program ProCup Karting has gained the ability to begin hosting outdoor races. We’ve also hired TJ Halsema back from Atlanta Motorsports Park. TJ was previously the Junior Division Competition Director prior to Toby Dan. TJ will be the new face of ProCup Karting as he looks to expand the karting program while maintaining the high level of service that the drivers of ProCup Karting have come to expect. One of the first things that TJ has been able to do is secure Atlanta Motorsports Park as the home of ProCup Karting’s outdoor karting series beginning this on Sundays this October.

   With the addition of Endurance Karting to the ProCup Karting brand, we’ve gained fifteen 12hp Dino karts to our racing arsenal. These karts will be used in the “League at Atlanta Motorsports Park presented by ProCup Karting.” Unlike the previous league at AMP that TJ was a part of, our karts have the ability to run the full kart track without issue. Another benefit of using our own karts is that we can make sure there is limited parity between karts. The trifecta benefit is that these karts are ProCup Karting’s karts, which will limit their usage to ProCup Karting events ONLY. The karts will not be thrown to the wolves with public racers. By maintaining the three benefits, ProCup Karting will insure an equal opportunity for our drivers going forward at AMP.

We are excited for the possibilities that lay before ProCup Karting and we hope you are too. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back either indoor or outdoor this fall.


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