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2013 24 Hour Drivers Meeting
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2013 24 Hours of America Champs
JAx Rain

Advanced School

Limited locations and seats
Find extra speed and step up your racing game!

Who is eligible to take the Advanced School?

  • The advanced school is for participants who have already attended one of our regular race schools and is looking for seat time with instructor feed back.
  • Also eligible for the advanced school are participants who have racing experience already and have a basic foundation in place for find the racing line, understands basic racing terminology and has enough track time either in a kart or race car, that basic skill sets are mostly automatic.

How does the Advanced School Differ from the Race School?

  • The advance school will not cover the basics of driving/karting, that will have already been covered in the basic school. It will start immediately with fast lapping sessions.
  • The student ration is kept 4 students for 1 instructor.
  • Minimum seat time per student is 1 hr 50 minutes
  • Instructors will work specifically with breaking/lifting spots, weight transfer, finding speed in specific areas a participant may be struggling, etc.

If there are two in my group, can one of us take the regular school and one of take the advanced school?

  • Absolutely. We will even honor the group pricing of 2+ for each school price level.

What is the cost for the advanced school?

  • Single entries are $425.00
  • Groups of 2+ are $375.00

Where do you offer the advanced school?



Famous Quotes:

If everything seems to be in control, you're not going fast
enough. - Mario Andretti

Friends don't let friends apex early.

Straights are for fast cars. Turns are for fast drivers.

Oversteer scares passengers, understeer scares drivers.

Anyone can drive a fast car, few can drive a car fast.


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