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2013 24 Hour Drivers Meeting
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2013 24 Hours of America Champs
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12 Reasons Why You Should Try Endurance Karting Arrive and Drive racing

12 Reasons Why You Should Try Endurance Karting Arrive and Drive racing:

1.  No more towing hassles – 
Not towing your own race car saves you a trip to the bank for a loan to afford the gas.  You also no longer have to worry about your race car passing you on the highway because it wasn’t completely tied down or maneuvering a behemoth trailer into parking areas more suitable for a Prius.  Plus, packing up to leave after an Endurance Karting arrive and drive event is a snap.  Just enjoy the awards ceremony, pack your cooler in your vehicle and head home.  Oh, and don’t forget to pack your family too! 

2.  You don’t have to store a race car and tow rig
 – The reason your local hardware store doesn’t sell race car trailers in the landscaping department is because they make terrible yard ornaments.  Show off the beauty of your yard and finally use the driveway for what it’s intended:  basketball! 

3.  You don’t need any tools or equipment – 
How many times have you set up shop at the track, only to realize that a necessary tool was left at home.  Those days are over!  We bring the tools, equipment and karts.  All you have to bring is a willingness to have fun. 

4.  You don’t need to beg your buddies to crew your car – 
Your friends will be begging you to let them come and race.  Your pals can join you in driving a kart or they can cheer you on from the pits.  Arrive and drive racing is a great Guys’ (or Girls’) Day Out. 

5.  No tire, fuel or oil expense –
 Did we mention gas prices are high?  You’ve got enough to worry about to keep your passenger vehicle running.  Why worry about your race car?  We’ve got it all covered.

6.  You don’t have to worry about car setup or knowing the ins and outs of your car 
–You don’t need an engineering degree or a professional pit crew to finish up front.  Endurance Karting takes care of setup for you.  The only “ins” and “outs” you have to worry about is getting in and out of the kart.  And trust us, once you get in, you’ll never want to get out! 

7.  You don’t have to worry about the other guys cheating – 
Unfortunately, a lot of folks like to bend the rules in racing.  But at Endurance Karting, we believe everyone should have the same opportunity to win.  That’s why we make sure all karts are perfectly equal.  

8.  A crash or mechanical problem can’t end your weekend early –
 Think there’s no such thing as a second chance?  If a part breaks on one of our karts, we will fix it or replace it.  If you came to drive, you belong in the driver’s seat, not on the sidelines.   

9.  You don’t have to sell your car at the end of the season – 
It can be hard to sell your race car for what it’s worth – and that’s not counting the time spent on preparing it!  With Endurance Karting, you can shop on eBay for other discounted items instead of selling a discounted race car on that website. 

10.  You don’t have to spend long hours getting your car ready for the track
 – Work, family, friends – you’ve got a lot to think about during the week.  Working on a race car doesn’t have to be one of them.  Endurance Karting’s Arrive and Drive racing is truly worry-free.  Another bonus:  you can get a good night’s sleep and arrive at the track refreshed and ready to have fun!

11.  There are no special license or age requirements – 
Endurance Karting’s Arrive and Drive racing is fun for the young and young at heart – and you don’t have to be a driving pro to have a great time!  Drivers of all experience levels have raced with us, and we have had drivers up to age 80 race.  Young racers must be at least 8 years old, and there are some restrictions up to 16 years of age.  Please contact Endurance Karting for more details.

12.  You never get your hands dirty
 – Because you don’t have to work on the karts, you can go directly from the track to your other weekend plans.  However, we do recommend a shower first!


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