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ProCup Karting- Arrive & RACE


6 Hours of F1 New Jersey
F1 New Jersey Motorsports Park - Millville
Endurance Karting












Friday July 11, 2014

 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM     Paid Practice Sessions (10 minutes for $20.00)*
Purchase Practice Sessions

* open to school participants, registered drivers for that weekend, and past participants

Race School




Race School-Entry Level

Friday July 11, 2014

$350/Single Entry
$275/Participant with 2+

Purchase this school

8:00 AM         Race School registration Open
8:30 AM         Introductions and class room
9:00 AM         On Track Exercises (lead follow, sliding, side by side, full speed lapping with passing)
11:00 AM       Lunch (provided by Endurance Karting)
11:15 PM       Track Walk. Afternoon lapping sessions with instructor feedback. 
12:30 PM       Fun Race among participants
1:00 PM         Closing Ceremony

*Lunch and water provided for race school participants

Adv. School - Experienced
Friday July 11, 2014
$425/Single Entry
$375/participant with 2+
4 people per class

To Purchase Advanced Schools Click Here: 
Click here to see if you 
qualify for the Adv. School

Two Class times to select from:
Morning Class (1hr 50 minutes of seat time) Limited to 4 Participants
8:45 AM         Advanced School registration Open
9:00 AM         Track Walk with Instructor
9:20 AM - 1:30 PM         Lapping sessions with Feedback from Instructor

*Lunch and water provided for advanced school participants

1.5 Hr Race

To purchase Click Here

 11:30- 12:30pm Registration

 12:30 - Drivers' Meeting

 1:00 - 1:30 Qualifying

 1:45-3:15 Race

 3:15-3:30 Awards

6 Hr Race

Early Check-in
Friday July 11, 2014

o      3:15 PM      Early Registration Opens

o      3:15 PM      Paid Practice Sessions (10 minutes for $20.00)* 
                   Purchase Practice Sessions

o      6:00 PM      Closed 
* open to school participants, registered drivers for that weekend, and past participants

Saturday July 12, 2014
$561 ind. on 3 man team
$421 ind. on 4 man team
$370 ind. on 5 man team

To Purchase Click Here:
Deposits are available and payment plans can be accommodated. 

o      7:00 AM      Check-in and Equipment Rental Open

o      8:40 AM      Drivers Meeting

o      9:20 AM      Practice Qualifying

o    10:15 AM      Grid for Race Start

o    10:30 AM      Green Flag, Le Mans Start

o    During the Race: 15 pit stops (includes 2 required fuel stops)

o      4:30 PM      Checkered Flag

o      4:40 PM      Awards Ceremony


o    Rent safety gear and purchase schools and practice sessions HERE









F1 New Jersey Motorsports Park
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